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Stitched Biaxial Fabric – Roll


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Biaxial Fabric is non-woven that consists of two layers of glass that are stitched together at either a +45 -45 degree angle or a 0-90, with a Chopped Strand Mat stitched to the back side.  This glass orientation works together to make a very strong end product that offers the advantage of giving you the ability to lay the fibers in the direction you want.  These mats have excellent conformability and quick wet out to help you build thickness quickly.  Excellent resin to reinforcement ratio.

Comes in 6 different product types

Product codes starting with BXM are +45 -45

Product codes starting with LTM are 0 90

Rolls weigh 198.24 lbs.

Each roll is 50″ wide and comes in cardboard box

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Material Type Code

LTM 1208(0-90), BXM 1208(45-45), LTM 1708(0-90), BXM 1708(45-45), LTM 2415(0-90), BXM 2415(45-45)

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