SphereCel Type PE

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SphereCel PE is a core material made of polyester tissue which is volumized by embedding thermoplastic microspheres.

This product is very elastic and well drapeable when wet. Comparable to Coremat, Upica etc.

This material comes in 1mm/2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm thicknesses.


  1. Cut SphereCel PE and the covering glass layers in the required shape. SphereCel PE can easily be cut by using scissors or a knife.
  2. Calculate the amount of resin needed for covering layers and core materials. For SphereCel PE you will need approx. 600 g/m²/mm. Example: SphereCel PE 3,0 mm: 600g*3mm = approx. 1800 g resin per m².


  1. Apply gelcoat if required and let it cure.
  2. Laminate the covering glass layers as usually and de-aerate them.
  3. In case the core material is ≥ 3 mm, apply approx. 30% of the required amount of resin (i.e. 600 g/m² for a 4,0 mm core material) on one side of SphereCel PE.
  4. Place the resin side of SphereCel PE onto the previously laminated glass layers.
  5. Continue by adding resin onto SphereCel PE and spread it by using the lamb wool roller.
  6. De-aerate SphereCel PE.
  7. Continue to laminate subsequent covering layers and de-aerate them as usual.


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