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This roving is assembled out of several strands of volumized E-glass strands.

Processing is possible with the usual spray-up machines or cutting equipment. It enables the wet-on-wet production of GFK-parts with the characteristics of a light sandwich laminate and the perfect homogeneity of solid laminates. The core’s thickness can be customised.

Spheretex GunCore

Important Application Tips

  1. GUNCORE as a multi-end roving can be used exactly like a standard gun roving (E-Glass)
  2. Any further adaption to the gun-machine is not necessary. The resin consumption of GUNCORE corresponds to the consumption of a glass roving 2400 tex.
  3. Cutter should be clean and in a good condition. Hardness of the rubber roller and pressure strength to the knife roller should be tested.
  4. As the GUNCORE sizing is a little bit more sticky than the glass roving, the run through of the GUNCORE-strand should be limited to one or two clean eyelets. We recommend separate eyelets just for GUNCORE. When using same eyelets as with glass roving, eyelets soiled by glass roving sizing should be thoroughly cleaned.
  5. GUNCORE must be covered from both sides by FRP layers.

Spheretex GunCore Spray gun machineSpheretex GunCore gun-machine


  1. Starting with glass layer as usual. This first glass layer should be rolled out and de-aerated before going on with GUNCORE.
  2. Apply GUNCORE layer to desired thickness (15mm GUNCORE uncompressed gives approx. 5mm after compression)
  3. Final glass layer to be applied on the unrolled GUNCORE layer
  4. Both layers must be rolled out in one shot (de-aeration roller should have a diameter of min. 40-50 mm).

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