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Sphere Mat C IP is a complex of exterior glass mats with a stitch-bonded chopped strand mat of volumized E-glass fibers (sphere.strand) and a polypropylene core for improved flow characteristics.

Spheretex stitch-bonding fiberglass MatThrough the stitch-bonding process, the material obtains excellent drapeability. Developed exclusively for closed mould systems.

Base Material:

Complex of chopped strand mats, one inner layer of chopped sphere.strand and one inner layer of PP as flow medium


Excellent drapeability with elongation up to 50%, ideal for complicated shaped parts, one layer up to 9 mm thickness!

Resin Consumption:

Depending on process and material (weight of cover layers, pressure, …)


Low weight and thick single layer laminates, high flexural stiffness as well as impact and shear strength


Boat building, automotive industry, wind energy

Spheretex stitch-bonding fiberglass Mat

Spheretex Mat IP Application in WaterslidesSpheretex Mat IP ApplicationSpheretex Mat IP Application in Semi-Trucks

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