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Sphere skin is a fiber glass material for closed molding processes which is volumised by embedding thermoplastic microspheres.

It is ideal as surface material in a laminate due to its little resin absorption and low weight. The perfect surface comes with a good laminate homogeneity and good mechanical stability. Overlapping or tearing the material does not affect the performance of the surface laminate. It is applied dry after the gelcoat / barrier coat or a pre-laminated glass mat and impregnated with resin according to the closed mould application.

This material comes in 1.3mm thickness.

Application Tips (handling procedures)

Sphere Skin is a glassfiber based product, which is volumized by embedding thermoplastic microspheres in between the fibres. Ideal as surface improvement material because of its low resin pick up and low weight. The perfect surface aspect is combined with good laminate homogeneity and physical properties.

Overlapping or tearing of the material has no negative effect on the surface of the laminate. Sphere skin is laid up in dry form against the gelcoat/barriercoat or gelcoat/glassmat layers and is impregnated during the IP process.

The handling procedures are as follows:

Laminate construction:

  • Gelcoat/Barrier coat


  • Gelcoat/skin-mat
  • Sphere Skin
  • Glass Reinforcements/PVC foam/Balsa wood/SphereCore SBC IP

Working with VIP, the vacuum should not be higher than -0,5/-0,6 bar. This is in order to obtain a complete impregnation and thus to avoid too strong of a compression.

Working with RTM/LRTM, the mold cavity (space between both mold sections) must allow for a minimum thickness of 0,7 mm for 1 layer Sphere Skin

When the distance is not sufficient or by applying a higher vacuum, the resulting too low resin content could lead to dry areas and poor bonding with the Skin-mat/Barriercoat.

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