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Sphere Tex SN is a fabric made of E-glass fibers which is volumised by embedding thermoplastic microspheres.

Due to good drapeability, low resin absorption and weight with high stability characteristics, it is particularly suitable for high-tech GFK products, and in combination with carbon and aramid fibers. The SN quality is additionally treated mechanically, thus making the material more flexible and giving it a better drapeability.

Sphere Tex SN is a new development based on the same types and qualities as the standard Sphere Tex.Spheretex E-glass fibers fabric

Sphere Tex SN was developed to improve the handling especially in hand-lay- up and spray-up systems.
The material consists of woven or knitted fiber hanks (E-glass, Aramid, Carbon or other textile fibres) and embedded thermoplastic microspheres
By an additional production process Sphere Tex SN becomes very soft which improves the drapeability for the
production of FRP-parts with complicate shapes.

Sphere Tex SN can be combined with several layers up to the wanted thickness.

The whole laminate including the outside layers of mat or fabric, is produced „wet-in-wet“ in one shot.
Due to the voluminosity of Sphere Tex SN it is sensible to first apply 30 – 40 % of the resin required to the bottom side. This can be done either by turning the Sphere Tex SN round or by impregnating the material outside the mould. Sphere Tex SN should be impregnated with resin to full saturation. Oversaturation is impossible. The superfluous resin is taken up by the cover layers on top.

Application fieldsSpheretex SN Application

Sphere Tex SN is used in industrial GRP-parts, which need both low weight and extreme high
physical properties.

A sandwich construction with a core of Sphere Tex SN has a much higher impact
strength (2 – 3 times) than a standard laminate with pure glassfiber. Sphere Tex SN is the only laminable
construction material which combines the properties of a weight reducing core with the high physical properties of a reinforcing material.

The main application fields are: FRP-boats, railways, motor cars, flat or shaped panels, roof constructions, surfboard etc.

Types of resin

Sphere Tex SN can be laminated with the following types of resin: unsaturated Polyester (preferably 400 – 500 cp),Epoxy-resins, PU-resins, Phenolic resins.

Spheretex Resin Consumptions

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