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Sphere Tex is a fabric made of E-glass fibers which is volumized by embedding thermoplastic microspheres.

Due to good drapeability, low resin absorption and high stability characteristics, while being lightweight at the same time, it is pre-eminently suitable for high-tech GFK products, also in combination with carbon and aramid fibers.

SPHERETEX is a laminatable core-material for the production of FRP-sandwich constructions.

SPHERETEXis a combination of reinforcing fibers, volumized by thermoplastic microspheres. The basic fibers can be
yarns, rovings, woven fabrics, stitch-bonded material ( E-glass, Aramid, Polyester, Carbon or combinations of all ).

This material combination provides the designer/engineer with a product for weight reduction and reinforcing of FRP
parts in “one shot“.

SPHERETEX can be used in closed systems (Wet Pressing, Vacuum Injection, Vacuum-Bagging) as well as in open
systems (Hand-lay-up, Spray-up).
SPHERETEX can be handled in the same way and with the same tools and machines than other reinforcing fiber
materials (Mat, Fabrics etc).

Hand-Lay-Up / Spray-Up

SPHERETEX is produced in some standard thickness (1,5 – 3 mm) and can be used in single ore combined layers. The whole sandwich construction can be laminated wet on wet in one shot. SPHERETEX has to be impregnated until full saturation. This can be done outside or inside the mould as well. Oversaturation is impossible. The superfluous of resin will be absorbed by the covering fiber layers.

Wet Pressing

SPHERETEX has excellent handling properties by producing FRP-sandwich parts ( wet-pressing -warm and cold,
vacuum deearation, vacuum injection, scrimp). in combination with outside layers of mat or fabrics.

Types of resin

SPHERETEX can be used with the following types of resin:

  • Polyester (unsaturated)
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Phenolic
  • Melamin
  • Acryl
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