Foam-Filled Structural Honeycombs

Foam-Filled Structural Honeycomb Material
The recent evolution of construction materials has been accelerated by the industry demand for higher strength, lower weight and more cost effective products. By incorporating a core material between two outer skins, sandwich construction is a proven method for achieving greater rigidity (stiffness).

CarbonCore structural foam-filled plastic honeycomb has been specifically developed to optimize the relationship between honeycomb and structural foam.

CarbonCore foam-filled honeycomb exhibits notable qualities of both individual materials as well as improved physical and mechanical properties. CarbonCore Structural Foam Filled Honeycomb is manufactured using a special patent pending process, with either PIR/PU, PET, Phenolic or EPS foams and our proprietary carbon fiber reinforced honeycomb structure. Scored, grooved, perforated configurations are available.

By filling honeycomb cells with foam, CarbonCore foam-filled honeycomb combines the strengths provided by the cell walls of honeycomb and the large surface area of foam. Honeycomb cell walls are further reinforced by the foam fill. The effect is greater resistance to shear force perpendicular to the sandwich and increased

Moment resistance(less bending) and better dampening of shock waves along the surface (Less vibration).

  • Carbon-Core foam-filled honeycomb is available in standard sheet sizes 24″X48″ and 48″X96″
  • Available thickness range 0.25 ” to 2″
  • Available density range 5 lb/ft3 to 20 lb/ft3
  • CNC cut kits available
  • Hat sections available
  • Compatible with CarbonBond Core Bonding Compound
  • Compatible with most processes and resin
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