• Structural Advantage

    Excellent impact resistance,weight reduction and sound damping.

  • Core Advantage

    Increasing thickness by 4 times will result in 37 times increase in stiffness, while increasing weight by only 10%!

  • Plastic Honeycomb

    Plastic Honeycomb Core in rigid and scored sheets.

  • CarbonFoam

    CarbonFoam PET/PIR/PVC/PE Structural Foam Cores in gridscored, grooved, perforated & double-scored patterns.

  • Corporate Office

    Carbon-Core Corp. manufacturing and engineering facility in Troy, Virginia.

  • CarbonCore FoamFilled Honeycomb

    Structural Foamfilled Honeycomb with carbon fiber reinforced honeycomb structure and EPS/PET/PIR/PHE foam.

Carbon-Core Corp.

Carbon-Core Corp. offers a complete core materials portfolio by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Our patent pending CarbonCore Structural Foam-Filled Honeycomb offers the best mechanical properties to cost ratio in the industry. Fire retardant or recycled green foam plus no catastrophic core failure, carbon fiber reinforced honeycomb structure.