SphereCel Type HX


SphereCel  HX Type  OM and  Type  CM












  • SphereCel  HX  Type  OM  and  CM  are  available in  1, 1.5, 2 mm thicknesses  in roll widths  up to 2M wide(1M standard)
  • Type  OM  for  Open Molded  Applications, Compatible  with Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resins
  • Type  CM  for  Closed  Molded Applications(infusion, LRTM) Constructed  with special high pressure resistant micro spheres) Compatible  with Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resins
  • Cost effective  solution for  coring and laminar flow media  combination.
  • Built in  laminar flow(grooves)  and  cross flow (perforations) eliminates need  for  expensive  special  flow  enabled  glass  reinforcements.
  • Honeycomb shaped core areas  about 6 mm in diameter.
  • To support the lay-up process the SphereCel HX Type OM and CM are also available with an adhesive layer and  release  film. Adhesive layer eliminates the use of spray glue and assists in placing all the layers accurately .