SphereCel SBF


CarbonCore’s SphereCel SBF is a pre-compressed, stitch-bonded glass fiber material which is volumized by embedding thermoplastic microspheres and fiberglass  fiber .

As  a  true  all fiberglass  core  material, this product is particularly suitable for wet-on-wet process for producing both stable and light homogeneous laminates at the same time. The excellent characteristics result from the complete impregnation with ca. 40% by volume of the same resin used to laminate the skin layers. This sandwich material which can be laminated substitutes balsa, PVC foam material and other core materials but has the advantage of being able to adjust to the mold three-dimensionally. During the impregnation stage,  SphereCel  SBF  can be  formed  into  bevels, localized  depressions or  multiple  pieces  can by  joined  to  form  a  void  and  split  free  part, eliminating the need  for  beveled edge strips.  Multiple layers  of  material  can be  stacked  to produce  thicker  laminates.

This product is available in 6 mm,8 mm,10 mm and 12 mm thicknesses.

View :Working with  SphereCel SBF

View :Comparison of SphereCel SBF to Coremat 10 mm