CarbonBond Core Bonding Compound

CarbonBond is a specially formulated, polyester based core bedding compound developed by Carbon-Core Corporation for hand lay-up and vacuum bagging core installation.

CarbonBond Core Bonding CompoundUse of premium resins results in high tensile and flexural strength. Its high adhesive strength provides an excellent bond between the core and the laminate. Its is suitable for most coring applications and is compatible with our CarbonFoam PU/PIR, CarbonBalsa and CarbonCore Plastic Honeycomb, CarbonCore Foam-filled honeycomb, PVC, PE and SAN foam core materials. Characteristics include: lightweight, non-sagging, and long working time for coverage of large areas. Consult MSDS for additional handling, storing and safety information. CarbonBond is available either Pumpable or Trowelable


Normal application of CarbonBond CBC on a flat, smooth surface would require about 1/16″ per square foot although in certain gap filling applications can be used up to 1/4″ thick. Below are coverage rates per gallon and weight per square foot at different thicknesses.

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Core Bonding Compound Information Table
Core Bonding Compound Information Table
Core Bonding Compound Information Table

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