CarbonFoam PVC Foam

Carbon-Core PVC foam is a closed-cell structural foam with excellent mechanical and structural properties.

CarbonFoam PVC Foam

Our PVC foam is very consistent in cross sections and has good chemical resistance while having negligible water absorption. The foam has a fine cell structure with low friability which offers an exceptional bonding surface that is compatible with most resins and manufacturing processes. Other inherent properties of PVC foam are the excellent fatigue life.

This foam comes in a 4lb density and can be ordered plain, scored/scrimmed, perforated, or double contoured. Our plain sheet size is 45″x90″ and our scored or double contoured sheet size is 45″x45″. We can also offer our Carbon-Core PVC foam in any customer specified CNC kit form.

Here are just a few of the applications that our PVC foam can be used in.

Marine – Superstructures, decks, hulls, and bulkheads

Industrial – Tanks, covers, ductwork, tooling, and containers

Wind Power – Nacelles, rotor blades

Recreational – Kayaks, canoes, snowboards, and surfboards