CarbonFoam PIR / PU Structural Foam

Carbon-Core Corp. is your source for all custom polyurethane structural foam machining needs.

Carbon-Core Corp. foam production facilities include state-of-the-art fully automated computer numerically controlled equipment available with up to 150 lb/min capacity.

Cannon dispenser machine, several Femco and Edge-Sweets foam block machining units, 52″ wide belt sander and associated support equipment for ultimate consistency and high-quality polyurethane foam product.

Structural Foam

Machine foam profiles available by special order

Forms Available

  • CarbonFoam PU/PIR polyurethane foam is available in sheets from 3/16″ to 24″ thick blocks in densities from 2 lb/ft3 to 50 lb/ft3.
  • Standard polyurethane foam sheet size is 48″ X96″
  • All CarbonFoam PU/PIR polyurethane structrual foam products can be supplied in customer specified CNC cut kit form.
  • Closed cell content up to 99%
  • Freeze and thaw cycle tested.
  • Anti-static additives available for specific applications.
  • Low-abrasion additives available for machining applications.
  • Fire – retardant additives available.

Machined Structural Foam   polyurethane foam