SphereCel Introduction

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Carbon-Core Corp.’s SphereCel products offer:

  • Ease of use
  • Constant thickness
  • Deformability
  • Anti-shrinkage
  • Lower resin consumption
  • Permanent bulk
  • Print-through blocking
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Cost and labor effectiveness

SphereCel is non-woven textile made from fine polyester fiber, manufactured in a continuous process by combining thermoplastic microspheres  and  either  fiberglass  or  polyester  based cross laid fiber. As the fiber is processed, a  min 50% by volume load of hollow micro spheres is introduced along with a binder and  other  additives.

Perforations are introduced to facilitate faster resin saturation, which are hot needled  into the SphereCel as a final process before coiling and converting. SphereCel perforations technology offer a unique pattern and  size  to minimize  print through by reduced  resin pooling.



Most laminate bulkers available in the marketplace today are made of polyester fiber and micro spheres.

SphereCel has MULTI-DIRECTIONAL fiber orientation.

Unlike the unidirectional fiber orientation used in bulker products manufactured by most of our competitors, our multi-directional fiber orientation provides equal strength characteristics in both length and width directions. It also helps in wetting out the laminate equally in both directions, as opposed to easier wet out in one direction in linear fiber products.

SphereCel is easily recognized by its more frequent perforations, which help in the wetout of the material and create more vertical links as well as easing the evacuation of trapped air bubbles throughout the laminate.

  • Print blocking: Thinner-grade SphereCel and  SphereCel  PrintBlock is a very effective print-through barrier when placed behind a skin coat.
  • Screw retention: SphereCel adds excellent screw retention capability to a laminate, and can be placed, for example, around the perimeter of swim platforms for rub rail installation.
  • Microcracking prevention: SphereCel reduces demolding cracks and stress cracks in gel coated parts.
  • SphereCel performs at a level well above that of competitive products. Its shock resistance is 35 to 50 percent higher, one reason why products made with SphereCel obtain longer useful life cycles. Water absorption is equivalent to that of the competition. Its even, multi-directional fiber distribution offers reinforcement characteristics not available in competitive products.

SphereCel exhibits superior impact and shear strength, thanks to stronger links between the different layers within the mat as well as excellent resin distribution throughout the product.

SphereCel’s excellent impact values underscore the ability of the SphereCel-reinforced laminate to meet toughness requirements and withstand severe-duty fatigue.


Fabricators who use SphereCel can realize as much as a 60 percent weight savings compared to bulking laminate with fiberglass. One layer of SphereCel PE 3 mm replaces three layers of 1.5-oz chopped strand mat. Chopped strand mat 1.5 oz – SphereCel- Chopped strand mat 1.5 oz

Fast and easy handling


Core material is reinforcement material as well


Same resin type for core and covering layers


Homogeneous laminate with low water absorption


Core material with low specific weight, but monolithic laminate properties


Glass core materials with enormous impact and shear strength combined with low weight


High surface quality (Class A)


Carbon-Core Corp.’s SphereCel materials are manufactured in  USA  on our  new Siemens PLC controlled fully automatic production line with capacity of  295000  sq  ft  per  day  and  maximum width of 3.4 Meters