CNC Machining

Carbon-Core Corp.provides  CNC  routing  work for  wide  variety of  industrial and  commercial clients  from our  Virginia facility to our  North American  customers in almost  every state  and province.We  invested in top of the line equipment and  staff so you do not have to. Equipped  with digitizing   equipment and  software  platforms, incl.Rhino 3D, AutoCad, ArtCam  and  others. We  can assist you with virtually any  CNC  routing  or  reverse  engineering  application  with production parts  MOQ  of  minimum  100 parts.

Our  CNC router allows us to cut custom shapes into wood, composite, PVC, aluminum, acrylic,foam and many  more non-metallic materials. We can cut virtually any shape with precision in almost any material imaginable. We can bevel, drill, slot, and engrave and inlay. Carbon-CoreCorp. can cut 3D signage and dimensional lettering.

Support Equipment:

  •  12′ Table Saw
  •  Band Saw
  •  Hand Routers
  • CNC Perforation machine
  • Abrasive  wire  cutter  for large  foam blocks
  • Full scale  digitizing table

Other Capabilities:

  • Light Assemblies
  •  Material storage
  •  Logistics Department