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About Carbon-Core in Virginia

Carbon-Core Corp. was founded in 2013 with a mission to focus on innovative new technologies with the best and most complete core materials selection in the industry.

We are guided by the principle that there is a beauty in finding things impossible to do and then doing them anyway. We do not want to fail, but we would feel worse about it if we did not even try. We have continuously challenged the traditional thought in core materials, and, succeeded, judging by the number of industry awards bestowed upon products incorporating our core materials technology.  It is possible to obtain high strength, low weight, cost-effective core materials; it is also possible to obtain simultaneously high impact resistance, virtually zero water absorption, high dimensional thermal stability, sound and thermal insulation.  It gives us the greatest pleasure to present the CarbonCore Portfolio of Core Materials, and other associated products and services offered by Carbon-Core Corporation.

We offer nearly all types of core materials:

  • Plastic Honeycomb
  • PU/PIR Foam
  • PVC Foam
  • PE Foam
  • PET Foam
  • Fiber Reinforced Foam Board
  • Structural Foam-Filled Honeycomb
  • Laminate Bulkers

These core materials offer the best weight to mechanical properties ratio in the industry.

We are not partial to recommending you only the core material we manufacture. In a complex composite structure, often multiple different technologies are needed and Carbon-Core Corp. is an unbiased, expert partner.

It has taken plastic honeycomb technology over 25 years to become a reality – from initial and isolated laboratory prototypes to a reality of mass produced parts & structures, serving customers globally.

CarbonCore Plastic Honeycomb technology has a wide range of use: From the hulls of mega-yachts in the Mediterranean Sea and passenger ferries in China, to snowboards on the slopes of the French Alps; From commercial housing projects in British Columbia and Telecommunication Shelters in Florida, to Public Transit Buses in California, from mobile generator containers made in South Africa for the worldwide movie industry, to boats in Brazil.

We are proud to say we have made it all possible.

We are confident that our extensive experience will lend itself to any application under consideration. Unlike other catalogues that list the full range of products available from a company beyond which nothing more can be had, ours is a starting point. Our complete product list is limited only by available materials and current technology. With your imagination, your product requirements, and our experience we can create new products with benefits answering your needs.

Thank you again. We are looking forward to working with you soon!


Jack Lugus