SphereCel Type GF




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This unique glassfiber core material replaces some core layers of your solid glass fiber laminates and reduces the resin consumption. I.E.  Spherecel  GF 3 mm will replace  3  layers  of  1.5 oz  laminate.


SphereCel GF is a glassfiber material which is volumized by embedding thermoplastic micro spheres and  specialized binders and additives.

This product is ideal for wet-on-wet laminates. Particularly suitable for thin laminates due to low resin absorption and low weight. Excellent print block characteristics and laminate homogeneity. Higher bending resistance and tensile strength than material based on polyester tissue. This material comes in 1mm/2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm thicknesses.

Spherecel GF  is a  true  fiberglass  core.   Products  manufactured  with SphereCel  GF  can claim  solid  fiberglass  construction. Excellent  for  screw  retention, print through protection and  lighter  weight products.  SphereCel  GF  can by  joined  to adjoing  pieces  by  rolling over  material  in the  impregnation stage and  perforations  can be  closed  to  eliminate  any chance  of  print through due  to  resin  shrinkage.