Composite Laminated Panels

Carbon Core Laminated Panels are lightweight, wet laminated, molded products and suitable for structural use.

Composite Laminated PanelsWe manufacture 48″X96″ sheets of 17 oz WR +white gel-coated panels with 10-13-20-25 mm plastic honeycomb cores. These lightweight panels are wet laminated, molded products and suitable for structural use. Sizes up to 10’X50′ are available by special order up to 4″ thickness(102 mm). Laminations with 34 oz WR (woven Roving) are available by special order. These lightweight panels are our most impact resistant and chemically resistant panels available. Primary use for these laminated panels is all areas of marine construction, trailer and camper sidewalls, moisture and chemical resistant areas.

CarbonCore Structural Plastic Honeycomb Panels

CarbonCore  Structural Plastic Honeycomb Panel


CarbonFoam PET/PVC/PE Foam Composite Panels

Foam Composite Panels


Available in welded and non-welded quality PET, PVC or PE Foam(80 kg/m3 density).

Special Features:

  • M1 burn resistance certificate (PET)
  • Great fatigue resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • CarbonFoam PET is 100% recyclable

Chemical resistance and corrosive gases:

Good resistance against weak bases, weak acids as well as against most current solvents : alcohol – acetone – perchlorethylene. Limited resistance – check in each case – against strong mineral acids. CarbonFoam does not emit any corrosive gases, even when burned, unlike PVC foam. CarbonFoam PET does not emit gases that contain halogen such as hydrochloric acid.

Water and resin absorption:

Excellent closed cell ratio, comparable to PU, SAN and PVC foam.


CarbonFoam has been awarded FST M1 spec burn certificate. Other industry specific certifications are pending and available upon request. Independent laboratory structural testing results available. Check for periodic updates.


Variations of CarbonCore lightweight high-performance panels are virtually infinite and may be made to order. The most common options and their corresponding product codes are listed below. Please contact your Carbon-Core Corporation representative for assistance or a question on variations on options not listed.

Standard tolerances are listed below. Please consult with your Carbon-Core representative if a situation requires alternative specifications.

Panel size: 10X50

Thickness: Varies with laminate type and customer specifications, core thickness up to 20″ available by special order. Tolerances =+ .0025″

All Carbon-Core laminated products can be supplied CNC cut to size as per customer specifications.

Carbon-Core limits its warranty to the free delivery of panels replacing panels deemed defective by Carbon-Core Corp. Carbon-Core expressly disclaims any liability for consequential damages.

Several products offered by Carbon-Core Corp are ISO 9002 quality certified.

White 050 Mica

18 oz Pre-fab Adhesive bonded glass Available white pigmented and gel-coated.

18 oz wet laminated glass W/R Available white pigmented and Gelcoated

2,7 mm lauan/meranti

36 oz e-glass W/R laminated

To be advised
Solid surfacing/Corian , Avonite, WilsonArt, SAFAS

To be advised

To be advised
Granite / Marble

Gel Coat Color Options(minimum order one 10X50 size) Set up fees apply.

Gel-Coated Laminate Colors

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Primer \ Sanding Colors

Gel-Coated Laminate Primer Colors

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Composite Laminated Panels