CNC Kits

CNC Kits for plastic honeycomb panels, balsa wood panels, foam boards, foam sheets and other lightweight core / structural materials.

CNC Kits for Boat Repair

CarbonCore Plastic Honeycomb, CarbonFoam, CarbonBalsa, can be supplied in CNC precut Kits. Carbon-Core’s kit department uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to provide the most accurate, best fitting balsa wood panels, plastic honeycomb panels, or foam sheet / board components for your application. Carbon-Core’s full line of CNC kits reduce labor costs, reduce inventory space, eliminate waste and speed up production. All CNC kits are manufactured in-house to your specifications, packaged in sequential order and numbered for ease of installation and include an easy to understand schematic for reduced employee training costs. CNC Kits ensure product consistency and quality and save you money.

Carbon-Core Corp. uses state of the art equipment to digitize customer’s core kits at customers location or our facility.

Our Coordinate Measuring Machine capability assures 0.0017″ accuracy in all measurements. CMM can also be utilized to reverse engineer CNC cut kits and compare the measurements to original drawings to ensure highest quality.

CarbonFoam RP lightweight transoms blendCarbonFoam RP lightweight transoms blend our polyurethane high density technology with our CNC kit cutting department. CarbonFoam RP transoms are made from foam sheets of High-density Polyurethane and are made available with predrilled inserts, beveled edges and bleeder holes for optimum laminate bond strength. Our transoms made with CarbonFoam RP offer one of the lowest water absorption rates in the foam board industry with over 98% closed cell foam content. CarbonBond pourable transom material available for repairs and OEM construction.

Carbon-Core Plastic honeycomb, balsa wood, and foam core products Router

Carbon-Core’s unwavering commitment to quality begins at the design phase.

Plastic honeycomb, balsa wood, and foam core products are carefully engineered to ensure the highest quality product. All raw materials are carefully selected from qualified suppliers. Before any structural or composite materials are released to the manufacturing floor, they are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure product quality and integrity. Ongoing quality checks continue throughout production of all plastic honeycomb panels, balsa wood panels, foam boards, or foam sheets. Each line operator has the authority and possibility to halt machinery should a problem be detected.

CNC Kit Structiso

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