CarbonBond General Purpose Compound

CarbonBond GPC is a specially formulated, polyester based all-purpose bonding compound developed by Carbon-Core Corporation for general purpose filling and bonding.

General Purpose Compound
Use of premium resins results in high tensile and flexural strength. Its high adhesive strength provides an excellent bond between the bonded substrates. Consult MSDS for additional handling, storing and safety information. CarbonBond GPC is available either pumpable or trowelable. Catalyze with MEKP.

  • Semi-flexible for exceptional crack resistance
  • Formulated with premium resins
  • Low shrinkage and exotherm
  • Low styrene content
  • General purpose bonding
  • General purpose filler

5 US gal per pail or 18.9 Litres

Average pail weight: 43 lbs

Shelf life: 90 days from date printed on pail.

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General Purpose Compound Chart

General Purpose Compound Chart

General Purpose Compound Chart