Perforating Services

Carbon-Core Corp.  performs industrial clients in North America perforation services  with one of  the  widest and  most advanced Siemens PLC multi zone  controlled electric  heated roller perforators in North America. At  11 ft wide(3.4M) we are able to perforate  a wide  variety  of  non metallic  materials  up to 1/4″ or  6  mm  thickness. Adjustable  heat settings up to 600 F  or  320  C allow  us  to perforate materials  up  to 20 ft  per  minute , resulting in superior efficiency  and  cost  savings. Our  accumulators  and  winders  allow  for  inline directional  cutting and  handling of  roll sizes  of  up to  60″ in diameter  and  11 ft  wide.Perforating is much more than just punching holes in objects — perforating can be  artistic or functional. we improve the quality of many types of materials with our precision perforating services. Ventilation of many materials is improved by using cut-out holes (standard perforating) or tiny pin holes known as micro-venting or porolating.

For  rigid materials,  we  use  our  unique  48″X96″   48 head spindle  drill with  full CNC  controls  for  up to  8″ thick non metallic materials  with hole sizes  1/50″  to 1/4″  and  almost unlimited  customization on patterns .


Industries  served:

Garment Industry

Outerwear ,Leather,  Shoe upper and Fabric / Synthetic Fabrics


  • up to 130 ” in width
  • leather, vinyl, fabric, faux leather, microfiber, polyester, polyurethane, PVC, etc. capabilities
  •  customer provided material

Industrial textiles


Perforation adds benefits to performance grade industrial textiles:makes textiles breathable, reduces weight on heavy duty textiles,provides ventilation capabilities ,perforation sizes can help decrease shade factor of fabrics.Products benefiting from perforations: awning fabric , tarps , banners, tent covers, marine fabrics, mesh fabric, etc.Today, perforations are used for heat and cool seating for automobiles, interior design, home movie theaters, and filtration, acoustical treatments and graphics on aircraft and windows.