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SphereCel PE – Roll


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In US $ per roll, FOB Origin (Troy,VA) Prices are FOB origin or as otherwise indicated and prepaid. Please call for quote confirmation. Prices are subject to change without notice. Carbon-Core Corp.conditions of sale in the brochure and on the invoices apply. Published quantities must be strictly adhered to in order to obtain volume discounts. Carbon-Core Corp. expressly disclaims any liability for consequential damages.

SphereCel Type PE is priced, sold, and invoiced by the roll only. Rolls are 39.4” wide or 1 meter. 2 meter rolls are available. Roll diameter 18” or 45 cm. Packaging: Individual rolls, wrapped in plastic bags with 3” cardboard tube core. Store SphereCel  PE in dry and ventilated rooms. Avoid contact with water and solvents. All risk and liability arising from the fabrication of products using SphereCel Type PE  shall rest with the buyer or user.

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