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Thank you for your inquiry! The information you had requested can be downloaded from the links above. Please note that we provide free sample assortment and printed technical manual to licensed composites related businesses only within the US and Canada. We do not mail free sample packages to home addresses or addresses abroad. Should you be interested in the sample package and are not associated with a composites business, you are welcome to buy the 44 page Technical Manual and samples assortment for $15.00 by clicking here. You will receive a credit of $15.00 towards your first purchase. Every attempt is made to maintain current and competitive pricing on all our products. Should you need a factory supported price on some of the items, advise us by e-mail and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We have continuously challenged the traditional thought in core materials, and, succeeded, judging by the number of industry awards bestowed upon products incorporating our patented technology. It is possible to obtain high strength, low-weight, cost-effective core materials; it is also possible to obtain simultaneously high impact resistance, near zero water absorption , high dimensional thermal stability, sound and thermal insulation … not surprisingly the competition never wanted you to know it.

Our services include the most extensive line of Structural Core Materials and pre-cut KITs … all incorporating our very own tough and resilient core materials. Our experienced staff is prepared to assist in all disciplines of structural composite engineering and are always eager to help. Please call us with any additional requests for information or larger samples. Give us any challenge … we are confident … as we know with CarbonCore we will meet and exceed your expectations!

Thank you for your time and confidence.
Best regards,
Jack Lugus

Carbon-Core Corporation